Full Stack Web Developer


After graduating from University of Michigan studying Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science I moved to Los Angeles and began working for a digital advertising agency. A few years after working for the company, I decided to embark on a career in health and fitness to become a personal trainer. I started working at Equinox, an upscale gym which requires trainers to go through a rigorous education and fitness program. It was there that I was able to learn everything about health and fitness by some of the leading experts in the fitness industry. From there I decided to open my company MissFitSoCal.

During the process of making my website and creating software my clients could use, I relied heavily on the help of my friends from the digital advertising agency. During this undertaking I was reminded of how much I loved technology and creating things which further lead me to the conclusion of combining my passion of health and fitness with an education as a software developer. This is what sparked me to attend Coding House, a bootcamp in Silicon Valley which teaches you the skills that you need in order to become a web developer. After almost a year of very intense studying, I feel prepared and eager to work as a software engineer. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. I hope you enjoy my website.

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